Sacha Dumain

French artist (27)
Paris - Osaka

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© Sacha Dumain

Hallucinations : a visual trip (2009-2018)

I saw my first hallucination when I was 7. It was night. It was warm, vivid, colorful but not scary. I didn't think I was mad. I asked my mum if it was normal to see a starry sky before falling asleep? Of course, she didn't understand. Then I thought that everyone had its own sky and its own stars.

In my bed, I was exploring space and I truly imagined it was the real space, not dreams. Yes, I had superpowers. When I became 16, these friendly hallucinations started to be invasive and followed by mumbling voices. Still, I wasn't scared, I was just annoyed. After all, they were still peaceful. Doctors said they could take them away if I'd take antipsychotics. I refused. I answered : my brain is too precious, sorry.

A few years ago, I decided to draw these so-called hallucinations to get them out of my head. I started with a pencil but later, I developed a technique linked with my practice of film photography. Though in my head, they are quite colorful, I draw them in black and white. Silver reminds me of melting metal, and the visions are burning ashes.

If you want to use one of these photos, please credit my name and a link to that page.

© Sacha Dumain